Avoid Power Washing DIY: Why You Should Hire A Professional Company

House Washing Granger, In Power Washing
Granger, In House Wash

DIY Power washing

There’s something deeply soothing about watching the many videos online of power washing. Cement walkways go from dingy black to crisp gray. Vinyl siding loses its green tinge and goes back to its original sheen and color. Roofing goes from streaky and black to fresh sparkling new.

Watching such videos may inspire you to do this work yourself, to be the one creating such change. There are many unforeseen dangers when trying to clean your own home with homeowner grade equipment. Here are some reasons why you should reconsider and hire a Professional Power Washing Company: 

  • Safety: The standard garden hose shoots water at around 50 pounds per square inch (PSI). Power washers range from 1,400 to 4,000 PSI. Right next to all the videos of power washing before-and-after are images of the sliced hands and feet of amateurs who were caught off-guard by the strength of the machines. Sometimes this is because amateurs go to do something simple, like scratch their notes or check a text message, while the hose is running. Sometimes they forget to release the machine pressure before going to refill the cleaning agent. There is also danger of electrical shock that happens when one is working outdoors with high-pressure water. Here are some risks of Power Washing per the CDC.
  •  Cleaning agents: There are many options for which agents to use. They vary depending on the surface and the machine. Some cleaning chemicals can severely injury or kill you if not used and diluted properly. It’s also important to consider the environment. Some agents can damage plants or even eat away at the very surface that was so carefully cleaned. Even after doing everything correctly, some cleaning agents can harm you if they find their way through your skin.
  • Where to wash: There’s a long list of things that shouldn’t be pressure washed: windows, painted surfaces that you want to keep, chipping mortar or bricks, and lead paint are a few examples. Perhaps you have a black and streaky roof, even though the shingles aren’t that old. Time to wash it! Well, if done incorrectly, you may find yourself getting a new roof. A Professional Power Washing Company will know how to soft wash the shingles without removing their surface layer. They spend a lot of time learning manufactures recommendations on how to properly clean each type of surface  

  • Just in case: As in the example of the damaged roof, if you do your own power washing and something goes wrong, it’s your responsibility to fix it, too. However, if you hire an insured Professional Power Washing Company, you have reassurance. Not only will they be more likely to have well-maintained equipment and well-trained staff because they need to meet the criteria of their coverage, but if something does go wrong, they will be fixing it – not you. Sometimes just the peace of mind alone is worth more than what it’ll cost to hire a professional cleaning company!

hiring a professional power washing service

So, if you’re looking around and notice creeping dinge on your exterior services, don’t worry that you need to go out and purchase a pressure washer, research cleaning agents, find someone to watch your children or pets so they aren’t outside while you’re working, and then do your best to learn to use the new machine.

Instead, find an insured Professional Power Washing Company to come out and give a free estimate on the work. Double A Power Washing is Mishawaka’s best exterior cleaning company. Serving the Indiana counties of St. JosephElkhart and Cass, Berrien and St. Joseph Counties in Michigan. Double A is Michiana’s reliable power washing team. Contact us today to request your free estimate or, give us a call at 574-221-8400