How to remove green algae from Vinyl Siding with Soft Washing

Cleaning algae from vinyl siding during a House Wash in Granger, IN using the soft wash process.   Soft Washing is the new normal for Professional Power Washing Companies. Spring is finally here and you’re probably outside looking at your home’s exterior. Do you notice that your vinyl siding isn’t as clean as it used […]

Power Washing or Soft Washing

Spring is here and that means everyone is finally enjoying time outside. You’ve probably noticed how dirty your house actually looks from the outside, and you want to clean it. Now lets find out when you should use power washing or soft washing. Most people don’t even think to get their house washed until the […]

Avoid Power Washing DIY: Why You Should Hire A Professional Company

There’s something deeply soothing about watching the many videos online of power washing. Cement walkways go from dingy black to crisp gray. Vinyl siding loses its green tinge. Roofing goes from streaky and black to sparkling new. Watching such videos may inspire you to do this work yourself, to be the one creating such change. […]

Maximizing Your Home’s Resale Value With Power Washing

Home prices in the US have gone up 15% in the past year and are predicted to rise nearly as much in the next 12 months, according to Zillow. If you were thinking of selling, now may be the time. Just because there’s high demand, though, doesn’t mean you should list quickly, assuming buyers won’t […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Power Washing Company

When paying for a professional service to complete a job, you’re going to want it done right. One way to ensure you’re happy with the end result is to ask important questions up front, especially of a Power Washing Company. Power Washing is often more complicated than it seems, and if done incorrectly, it can […]